14sai still1
14sai production still
Directed by Hiromasa Hirosue
Written by Izumi Takahashi
Music by Hideki Ikari
Cinematography Kiyoaki Hashimoto
Distributed by Eurospace
Released May 15, 2007
Running time 114 min.
Official website
IMDb profile

14sai (14歳 Ju-yon-sai, lit. 14 years old) is a Japanese film written by Izumi Takahashi and directed by Hiromasa Hirosue. It was produced in 2006 and released publicly on May 15, 2007.

Plot SummaryEdit

The story is not only about teenagers who are 14 years old, but is also about two adults who, in dealing which children of that age, are forced to confront the experiences they had at 14 which shaped their lives. Ryo is a teacher who sees how her colleagues tend to suppress the ambitions of the students they teach and although she doesn't deal with the children in the same manner, she knows how they feel, having gone through the same thing at that age. She eventually meets a man named Koichi who was a gifted pianist in his youth but is now working for the local electic company, having been discouraged from his musical ambitions at a young age. The two find common ground and reflect on their situations.


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