20th Century Nostalgia
20th Century Nostalgia DVD
Japanese DVD cover
Directed by Masato Hara
Produced by Takashi Nishimura
Shiro Sasaki
Written by Masato Hara
Goro Nakajima
Music by Masato Hara
Cinematography Junichi Baba
Editing by Ryuji Miyajima
Distributed by Kadokawa Pictures
Released July 26, 1997
Running time 93 min.
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20th Century Nostalgia (20世紀ノスタルジア 20-seiki Nostalgia) is a 1997 Japanese film directed by Masato Hara.

Plot SummaryEdit

A young student becomes convinced an alien from another planet has gone back in time and taken over his body to study the human race and gain insight into our self-destructive nature. He has another alien take over the body of a girl that he meets, and they use video cameras to document human society.


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