A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth
A cheerful gang
Japanese flyer
Directed by Tetsu Maeda
Written by Novel:
Kotaro Isaka
Takashi Hasegawa
Tetsu Maeda
Kentaro Ushio
Cinematography Hideo Yamamoto
Released May 13, 2006
Running time 92 min.
Official website
IMDb profile

A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth (陽気なギャングが地球を回す Yoki na Gyangu ga Chikyu o Mawasu) is a 2006 Japanese film based on a Kotaro Isaka novel and directed by Tetsu Maeda.


A group of bank robbers, each with their own unique ability, join forces to pull off a heist only to get robbed themselves. After a long string of double-crosses they attempt to stay one step ahead of rivals in their second attempt to rob a bank.


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