A Larva to Love
Japanese DVD cover
Directed by Noboru Iguchi
Produced by Yukiyasu Shimada
Written by Noboru Iguchi
Music by Yuuji Kitano
Cinematography Noboru Iguchi
Jo Ota
Koji Tanaka
Distributed by Image Rings
Released July 20, 2003 (Pia Film Festival)
Running time 110 min.
IMDb profile
JMDb profile

A Larva to Love (恋する幼虫 Koisuru yochu), aka Entrails of a Larva is a 2004 Japanese horror film written and directed by Noboru Iguchi.


Fumio, a young manga artist has trouble with women due to an incident from his childhood. One day a clumsy female editor upsets him and he ends up scarring her face. The scar turns into a strange parasitic life form which requires her to siphon Fumio's blood to survive. Fumio feels guilty for his actions and allows her to do this, even though she becomes increasingly hateful toward him. Eventually though, they develop a strange symbiotic relationship.


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