Adulterous Wife: Dizzy
Directed by Yūji Tajiri[1]
Produced by Nakato Kinukawa
Kazuhita Morita
Kyōichi Masako
Written by Naoko Nishida
Cinematography Masahide Iioka
Editing by Shōji Sakai
Distributed by Shintōhō
Released November 11, 2002
Running time 66 min.
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Adulterous Wife: Dizzy (不倫する人妻 眩暈 Furin suru hitozuma: Memai) aka Dizzy (眩暈 めまい Memai) is a 2002 Pink film directed by Yūji Tajiri and starring Yumeka Sasaki and Kazuhiro Sano. Tajiri filmed Adulterous Wife: Dizzy for Kokuei, and Shintōhō released it theatrically in Japan on November 11, 2002.[2] It was named sixth best Pink film of the year at the Pink Taishō ceremony.[3]



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