Arch Angels
Arch angels
Japanese poster
Directed by Issei Oda
Produced by Dai Miyazaki
Kazunari Shibata
Written by Manga:
Izumi Kawahara
Issei Oda
Genki Yoshimura
Tsuji Ayano
Cinematography Hirofumi Okada
Editing by Daishi Takiishi
Distributed by Albatros Film
Released August 25, 2006
Running time 92 min.
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Arch Angels (笑う大天使(ミカエル) Warau Dai Tenshi (Michael)), aka Warau Michael is a 2006 Japanese film based on a Izumi Kawahara manga and directed by Issei Oda. The story involves three friends at a prestigious catholic girl's school who are bestowed with super powers which they must use against a gang of kidnappers.


When Fumio's mother passes away she discovers that she has an older brother named Kazuomi. Kazuomi is very wealthy and decides to take care of his younger sister, sending her to a prestigious catholic boarding school, St. Michael's Academy. Fumio initially doesn't fit in with her new classmates but eventually finds two friends much like herself, Kazune and Yuzuko.

The three friends decide to maintain their polite demeanor around their other classmates, but in private they're openly brash, choosing to discuss trashy literature while eating chicken ramen and chocolate snacks. One day there's a strange chain of events which leaves the three of them with extraordinary powers such as super strength and the ability to control electricity. They initially use these abilities for fun and get themselves into trouble with their families and the school administration but when students of the school get kidnapped, they hunt down the captors and face off against them to rescue their terrified classmates.



The album St. Wonder by METALCHICKS is generally considered the OST for Arch Angels but it does not include the three songs by Silly and closing credits song Soba ni Iru Kara by Tsuji Ayano.

    • Under the Dreadful Moon
    • The Eye of the Evil's
    • St. Wonder (Theme of St. Michael)
    • Power to Girls
    • Banquet Over Memory of My Mother
    • Girl School
    • We Are the Warriors
    • Tears For Fears / Conspiracy
    • Unbreakable Bond That Ties Two
    • I'm Knotted in Love
  • Silly
    • Hate Me More Than Anything
    • Shake Off Temptation
    • Just A Little Mistake (remix)
  • Tsuji Ayano
    • Soba ni Iru Kara (ending credits)

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