Japanese poster
Directed by Masahiro Shinoda
Written by Novel:
Ryotaro Shiba
Nobuo Yamada
Music by Toru Takemitsu
Cinematography Masao Kosugi
Distributed by Shochiku
Released October 30, 1964
Running time 104 min.
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Assassination (暗殺 Ansatsu) is a 1964 Japanese movie directed by Masahiro Shinoda. It is based on a Ryotaro Shiba novel.


The story of Assassination begins with the events of 1853 when "four black ships", the foreign steamboats of Commander Matthew Perry, anchored at Edo Bay. Massive civil unrest followed, and the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate's time in power had arrived. Hachiro Kiyokawa, an assassin whose loyalties shift whenever it suits him, capitalizes on this chaotic time in Japan's political history.


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