Ayako Fujitani © 藤谷文子

Ayako Fujitani (藤谷文子 Fujitani Ayako) (born December 7, 1979 in Osaka, Japan) is a Japanese actress and author. She is the daughter of of Hollywood action star Steven Seagal and aikido master Miyako Fujitani. Her brother is Kentaro Seagal.

After appearing in Gamera 2: Attack of Legion, Fujitani moved to Hollywood and lived with her father. While there she wrote reviews of American films for Japanese magazines. When she returned to Japan she appeared in the film Shiki-Jitsu opposite filmmaker and documentarian Shunji Iwai. The film was based on a novel she wrote, drawing on the alienation she felt living as an outsider in the US.

Fujitani is 5' 5" tall (164cm) and her blood type is A. Her specialties include Aikido, Kansai dialect, and conversational English.


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