Azumi dvd
Japanese DVD cover
Directed by Ryūhei Kitamura
Produced by Toshiaki Nakazawa
Mataichiro Yamamoto
Written by Comic:
Yu Koyama
Rikiya Mizushima
Isao Kiriyama
Music by Taro Iwashiro
Cinematography Takumi Furuya
Editing by Shuichi Kakesu
Distributed by Toho
Released May 10, 2003
Running time 142 min.
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Azumi (あずみ) is a 2003 Japanese film based on a Yu Koyama manga and directed by Ryūhei Kitamura.


In 19th-century Japan a master samurai trains a young band of assassins from childhood. His final test for them is to fight each other to the death, ensuring that only the strongest-willed and ruthless amongst them would survive. After being forced to murder her childhood friend, the young assassin Azumi is deeply traumatized by the experienced but still determined to continue her mission to defeat powerful warlord that has recently risen to power. Her rage builds throughout her journey, leading up to an epic bloodbath in the final confrontation against her foes.


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