Bijin tenjōin: Bōnō kahanshin
Directed by Sakae Nitta[1]
Produced by Sakae Nitta
Written by Teruo Oka
Cinematography Yukio Chiba
Editing by Shōji Sakai
Distributed by Xces
Released July 4, 2003
Running time 60 min.
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Bijin tenjōin: Bōnō kahanshin (美人添乗員 暴走下半身) is a 2003 Pink film directed by Sakae Nitta and starring Shōko Kitahara and Minami Shiina. Yoshikazu Katō served as Nitta's Assistant Director on the film. Nitta filmed it for his own production studio, Sakae Planning, and Xces released it theatrically in Japan on July 4, 2003.[2]




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