Bitter Sweet
Directed by Mitsuru Meike[1]
Produced by Nakato Kinukawa
Kyōichi Masuko
Written by Naoko Nishida
Cinematography Hiroshi Itō
Editing by Shōji Sakai
Distributed by Shintōhō
Released October 12, 2004
Running time 58 min.
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Bitter Sweet (ビタースイート) originally released as Concentrated Adultery: Taken Woman (濃厚不倫 とられた女 Nōkō furin: Torareta onna) is a 2004 Pink film written by Naoko Nishida, directed by Mitsuru Meike and starring Konatsu, Yumika Hayashi, Kin Ishikawa, and Kazuhiro Sano. Meike filmed Bitter Sweet for Kokuei, and Shintōhō released it theatrically in Japan on October 12, 2004.[2] It was named tenth best Pink film of the year, and Yumika Hayashi won Best Actress at the Pink Taishō ceremony.[3] At the first Kansai region Pinky Ribbon Awards, Bitter Sweet won the Pearl Prize and Konatsu won Best New Actress.[4]


Release historyEdit

The UK DVD company Salvation has released Bitter Sweet on an English-subtitled DVD for English-speaking audiences.




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  • Bitter Sweet at (Official site, English release)


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