Black Snow
Black Snow
Theatrical poster to Black Snow
Directed by Tetsuji Takechi[1]
Written by Tetsuji Takechi
Music by Jōji Yuasa
Cinematography Takeo Kurata
Editing by Hanzaburō Kaneko
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released June 9, 1965
Running time 89 min.
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Black Snow (黒い雪 Kuroi yuki) is a 1965 Pink film written and directed by Tetsuji Takechi. The controversial director, already under government watch due to his earlier film Daydream (1964), was arrested and brought to trial for obscenity due to Black Snow. During the lengthy, highly-publicized trials, Takechi received support from several notable entertainment figures. The result of Takechi's victory was the publicizing of the new Pink film genre, and the legal enabling of the tidal wave of such low-budget sexploitation productions which followed.




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