Blood vhs
Japanese VHS cover
Directed by Kōsuke Suzuki
Produced by Hidemi Satani
Written by Daisuke Tengan
Music by Moku
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released January 22, 1999
Running time 90 min.
IMDb profile
JMDb profile

Blood (狼血 Okami Chi, literally Wolf Blood) is a 1999 Japanese V-cinema release directed by Kōsuke Suzuki.

Plot summaryEdit

Former best friends Masayuki and Takuya take different paths in life when the woman they both love, Yuki, is raped. Takuya becomes a mob hitman and Masayuki becomes a doctor. When Takuya is betrayed by his boss and lynched Masayuki miraculously saves his life. However, when Takuya realizes his former boss is also a patient of Masayuki's the two of them get caught up a string of violence and betrayal.


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