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Sapp time

The cover of Bob Sapp's 2003 Maxi single, Sapp Time, released by For Life Music Entertainment in Japan

Bob Sapp (ボブ・サップ) is an American kickboxer and mixed martial arts fighter. He is quite famous in Japan due to his fighting career and immense size. Because of this he makes many appearances in commercials and on television shows when he travels there.

Profile Edit

  • Name: Bob Sapp (ボブ・サップ)
  • Nickname: The Beast
  • Birth date: September 22, 1974
  • Birthplace: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
  • Blood type: AB
  • Height: 6' 7" (200cm)



  • [2004] Izo
  • [2004] Devilman ... World Newscaster
  • [2005] Perfect 10: Model Boxing Vol. 2 (V) ... Commentator
  • [2005] Elektra ... Stone
  • [2005] The Longest Yard ... Switowski
  • [2007] Remarkable Power ... Tiny
  • [2007] Player 5150 ... Beno
  • [2008] Big Stan ... Big Raymond
  • [2008] Frankenhood ... Frankie
  • [2009] Blood and Bone ... Hammerman


  • [2003] You're Under Arrest ... Bob

External LinksEdit

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