Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust
Japanese flyer
Directed by Yasuo Baba
Produced by Chihiro Kameyama
Noriaki Kuramoto
Toru Miyazawa
Shohei Nishina
Yoshihiko Takeda
Kazutoshi Wadakura
Written by Ryoichi Kimizuka
Music by Yusuke Honma
Cinematography Kosuke Matushima
Editing by Hiroshi Okuda
Distributed by Toho
Released February 10, 2007
Running time 116 min.
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Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust (バブルへGO!! タイムマシンはドラム式 Baburu e Go! Taimu Mashin wa Doramu Shiki) is a 2007 Japanese movie directed by Yasuo Baba.

Plot summaryEdit

Mayumi Showa (Ryoko Hirosue) is a down-on-her-luck bar hostess whose mother recently died. Then, her boyfriend left her with a seemingly insurmountable debt and little hope of being able to climb out from under it. One day Finance Ministry salaryman Shimokawaji (Hiroshi Abe) follows her home and waits for his opportunity to relay an incredibly story. He tells her that her mother isn't dead at all. Instead, she traveled back in time to 1990 to prevent Finance Minister Serizawa (Kazue Fukiishi) from making a decision that would plunge the Japanese economy into years of mounting debt.

Mayumi is given the task of retrieving her mother in the past, and to do so she must hop into a time machine which for some reason was built out of a coin-operated washing machine and thus requires a wet suit to enter. Once in the past she meets up with a younger version of Shimokawaji, who at the time was a yuppie misogynist. He goes along with her story simply on the off-chance that he'll get her into bed at some point and she continues on her mission while a barrage of comedic comparisons are made between 1990 and 2007 Japanese culture.


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