Japanese poster
Directed by Akira Osaki
Produced by Toshihiro Isomi
Yuji Sadai
Written by Shin Adachi
Cinematography Masami Inomoto
Editing by Ryuji Miyajima
Distributed by Bitters End
Released October 21, 2006
Running time 105 min.
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Catchball-ya (キャッチボール屋), literally The Ball Catcher is a 2006 Japanese film directed by Akira Osaki.

Plot summaryEdit

Takashi is a 30-year-old in sort of a rut. He was recently fired from his job and later found out the love of his life got married to someone else. He has no direction in life and isn't sure what to do next. One day he meets a man in the park who gets paid 100 yen to play catch with customers for 10 minutes. The practice is called "catchball-ya". The man asks Takashi to take over for him and in so doing he gets to meet all sorts of different people with various issues. Through their sessions of catchball-ya, the people find the strength to make changes in their lives and eventually, so does Takashi.


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