Chikan to rikonzuma
Chikan to rikonzuma
Theatrical poster to Chikan to rikonzuma
Directed by Rumi Tama[1]
Written by Akitaka Kimata
Music by Shin Eizō Ongaku
Cinematography Hideo Itō
Editing by Jun'ichi Kikuchi
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released March 9, 1985
Running time 61 min.
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Chikan to rikonzuma (痴漢と離婚妻 lit. "The Pervert and the Divorcee") is a 1985 Pink film, produced by Pro Taka and released by Nikkatsu as part of its Roman Porno series. It was directed by Rumi Tama and stars Kyōko Hibiki.[1]




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