Devilman dvd
Japanese DVD cover
Directed by Hiroyuki Nasu
Produced by Toshiyuki Matsui
Written by Manga:
Go Nagai
Machiko Nasu
Cinematography Tetsuro Sano
Distributed by Toei
Released October 9, 2004
Running time 112 min.
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Devilman (デビルマン) is a 2004 Japanese film based on a Go Nagai manga and directed by Hiroyuki Nasu.


While on a scientific research expedition to discover a source of power buried deep beneath the earth's crust, friends Ryo and Akira unwittingly unleash a pocket of demonic entities that immediately set forth to take over the world. The two of them are possessed themselves and are granted new demonic powers. Akira discovers he's actually able to control his demonic possessor named Ammon. Unforunately Ryo has no chance but to succumb, having been possessed by Satan himself.


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