Dosukebe anechan
Directed by Toshiya Ueno[1]
Written by Masahiro Kobayashi
Music by Hikoichirō Tachikawa
Cinematography Yasumasa Konishi
Editing by Naoki Kaneko
Distributed by Shintōhō
Released April 28, 2000
Running time 55 min.
Preceded by Shitagaru aniyome 2: Midara na tawamure (1999)
Followed by Shin * shitagaru aniyome: Fushidarana kankei (2001)
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Dosukebe anechan (どすけべ姉ちゃん) aka 四畳半 昼下がりの悶え 兄嫁エピソード1[2] is a 2000 Pink film directed by Toshiya Ueno and starring Mikio Satō and Yōta Kawase. It is the third film in the Baka kyōdai (バカ兄弟), or Lustful Sister-in-Law series of pink films directed by Toshiya Ueno and written by Masahiro Kobayashi.[3][4] Jasper Sharp writes that this series of black comedies is highly regarded within the pink film genre.[4] Ueno filmed Dosukebe anechan for Kokuei, and Shintōhō released it theatrically in Japan on April 28, 2000.[5] It was named fourth best Pink film of the year at the Pink Taishō ceremony, and Kobayashi was given the Best Screenplay award for his script.[6]




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