Eri Imai

Model and actress Eri Imai
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Eri Imai (今井恵理 Imai Eri, born in Tokyo, January 26, 1971)[1] is a Japanese model and actress. In April 1994 she won the "Shape Up Girl Audition" Grand Prix,[2] and made appearances with three other models under the "Shape Up Girl" name. She made numerous appearances on television, film, v-cinema, photobooks and on stage during the 1990s.[2] She and her husband, actor Yūjin Nomura (野村祐人 Nomura Yūjin) announced the birth of their first child, a son, in October 2009.[3] At the end of that year Imai appeared in the "Shape-Up Girl" calendar with her fellow alumni of that group.[4] She returned for this calendar the following year.[5][6]

Partial filmographyEdit

  • [1996-11-23] 泥棒貴族 BODY HUNTER[7]
  • [1997-11-07] ガード・ドッグ
  • [1997-12-27] 仁義13 地獄の墓標
  • [1998-05-29] 俺の空 刑事編
  • [1998-08-28] 俺の空 刑事編 闇の制裁
  • [1998-10-21] 日本暴力地帯 美しき野望
  • [1999-10-18] デコトラ・パチンカー 恋の連チャン大爆走
  • [2000-10-28] 京浜抗争史外伝 最後の組長



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