Eureka dvd
UK DVD cover
Directed by Shinji Aoyama
Produced by Producer:
Takenori Sento
Philippe Avril
Written by Shinji Aoyama
Music by Shinji Aoyama
Albert Ayler
Jim O'Rourke
Isao Yamada
Cinematography Masaki Tamura
Editing by Shinji Aoyama
Released January 20, 2000
Running time 210 min.
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Eureka (ユリイカ Yureka) is a 2000 Japanese film written and directed by Shinji Aoyama.


A bus is hijacked by a businessman with a gun. By the time the police are able to incapacitate him he has killed everyone but the driver and two middle school children, all three having come a split second from being shot themselves during the incident. The bus driver, Makoto, is left with guilt over his survival and runs away from home, leaving his wife behind.

Two years later Makoto returns home to find his wife has moved back to her hometown and he decides to go back to work as a day laborer for the time-being. When Makoto finds out the children from the bus, Naoki and Kozue, are living all alone now after the death of their father and being abandoned by their mother he feels compelled to move in with them.

In living together the children have someone to take care of them and Makoto finally has found the purpose for his survival that had previously been so elusive to him. Meanwhile, murders start happening around the area and due to Makoto's recent return to town he's the prime suspect in the investigation.


Actor Role
Kōji Yakushō Makoto Sawai
Aoi Miyazaki Kozue Tamura
Masaru Miyazaki Naoki Tamura
Yoichiro Saito Akihiko
Sayuri Kokusho Yumiko
Ken Mitsuishi Shigeo
Go Riju Busjack Man
Yutaka Matsushige Matsuoka
Sansei Shiomi Yoshiyuki Sawai
Kimie Shingyōji Mother
Eihi Shiina Keiko Kono

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