Flower & Snake II
Flower and snake 2 dvd
US DVD cover
Directed by Takashi Ishii
Written by Novel:
Oniroku Dan
Takashi Ishii
Music by Gorō Yasukawa
Cinematography Takashi Komatsu
Hiroo Yanagida
Released May 14, 2005
Running time 113 min.
Preceded by Flower & Snake (2004)
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Flower & Snake II (花と蛇2 Hana to Hebi 2) is a 2005 Japanese S&M film directed by Takashi Ishii. It is a followup to 2004's Flower & Snake.


Shizuko and her husband Tooyama engage in bondage fantasies, eventually leading to Shizuko becoming a submissive partner for a group of perverted rich men.


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