Gemini dvd
US DVD cover
Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto
Produced by Toshiaki Nakazawa
Futoshi Nishimura
Written by Novel:
Rampo Edogawa
Shinya Tsukamoto
Music by Chu Ishikawa
Cinematography Shinya Tsukamoto
Editing by Shinya Tsukamoto
Distributed by Toho
Released September 3, 1999 (Venice Film Festival)
Running time 83 min.
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Gemini (双生児 Soseiji) is a 1999 Japanese film based on an Rampo Edogawa novel and directed by Shinya Tsukamoto.


Set in 1910, a young doctor named Yukio runs his family practice in Tokyo and has nothing bud disdain for the poor people living in the slums not far from his home. Recently a strange seemingly ghostly intruder has been lurking around the house. It turns out not to be a ghost at all, but Yukio's twin brother who was abandoned as a baby and raised by a theater troupe. After killing their parents he throws Yukio down a well and assumes his identity, as well as his marriage. His constant taunting prompts Yukio to seize an opportunity to escape and enact revenge.


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