Go Seigen Kiwami no Kifu
Go seigen kiwami no kifu flyer
Japanese flyer
Directed by Zhuangzhuang Tian
Written by Story:
Go Seigen
Released November 17, 2007
Official website

Go Seigen Kiwami no Kifu (呉清源 極みの棋譜) is a Japanese movie based on the autobiography of Wu Qingyuan, better known by Go Seigen, who is widely considered the best player of the Go board game in history.

Plot summaryEdit

Go Seigen was born May 19th, 1914 in Fujian Province, China. Considered a genius from a very early age, he first took up the game of Go at 9 and by 12 was at a professional level. In 1928 his reputation in Japan was spreading so quickly that he was invited to immigrate there to continue his career. In Japan he had great success and got married to a Japanese woman. Unfortunately, when World War II broke out his mother was forced to return to China. In 1944 he was drafted to military service, but received a chronic illness exemption after his physical and was discharged. From this point on he started to experience a deep sense of isolation.


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