Gravity Clown
Gravity clown novel
Novel cover
Directed by Junichi Mori
Produced by Miyako Araki
Keiichiro Moriya
Written by Novel:
Kotaro Isaka
Tomoko Aizawa
Distributed by Asmik Ace

Gravity Clown (重力ピエロ Juryoku Pierrot) is a 2008 Japanese film based on a 2003 Kotaro Isaka novel and directed by Junichi Mori.


Brothers Izumi and Haru get linked to a rash of arson fires in which suspicious writing is left on the walls. Haru was conceived when his mother was brutally attacked and raped by a criminal, and yet he is still treated as part of the family. Various ideas are explored, such as his father's ability to love him even though they're not biologically related and whether or not genetics actually matter within a family.


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