Helen the Baby Fox
Helen the Baby Fox poster
Promotional poster
Directed by Keita Kono
Written by Novel:
Minoru Taketazu
Masako Imai
Music by Yukie Nishimura
Cinematography Takeshi Hamada
Editing by Takuya Taguchi
Released March 18, 2006
Running time 104 min.
IMDb profile

Helen the Baby Fox (子ぎつねヘレン Kogitsune Helen) is a Japanese movie based on a Minoru Taketazu novel and directed by Keita Kono.


A young boy named Taichi Ogawara finds a fox cub on the side of the road and takes it home as a pet. He discovers it is blind, deaf, and mute. Because of this, he names it Helen, after Helen Keller.


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