Theatrical poster to House
Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi
Produced by Nobuhiko Obayashi
Written by Chiho Katsura
Nobuhiko Obayashi
Music by Asei Kobayashi
Micky Yoshino
Cinematography Yoshitaka Sakamoto
Editing by Nobuo Ogawa
Distributed by Toho
Released July 30, 1977
Running time 88 min.
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House (ハウス), aka Hausu (katakana transliteration) is a 1977 Japanese horror film directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi about a haunted house that literally consumes its victims. Its style is often compared to the films of Italian horror director Dario Argento.

Plot SummaryEdit

Unable to deal with her mother's death and her father's new girlfriend, Oshare decides to visit the secluded country house of her grandmother with several of her friends from school. When they arrive they meet her grandmother, who is a kindly old woman in a wheelchair.

The girls each start having horrific hallucinations about the house. These visions turn out to be accurate as one by one the girls are devoured by the house in various ways, leaving only Oshare herself left alive.


External linksEdit

House dvd german

German DVD to House

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