The Inu ( lit. "Dog") series was a group of nine films made by Daiei and starring Jirō Tamiya.


  1. [1964-05-02] Yadonashi inu (宿無し犬) (dir: Tokuzō Tanaka)
  2. [1964-09-17] Clamouring Canines (喧嘩犬 Kenka inu)(dir: Mitsuo Murayama)
  3. [1965-01-13] The Dedicated Gunman (ごろつき犬 Gorotsuki inu) (dir: Tetsutarō Murano)
  4. [1965-03-06] Abare inu (暴れ犬) (dir: Kazuo Mori)
  5. [1965-12-24] Teppō inu (鉄砲犬) (dir: Tetsutarō Murano)
  6. [1966] Zoku teppō inu (続鉄砲犬) (dir: Mitsuo Murayama)
  7. [1966-11-26] Nora inu (野良犬) (dir: Yoshio Inoue)
  8. [1967-05-27] Quick Drawer Dog (早射ち犬 Hayauchi inu) (dir: Tetsurō Murano)
  9. [1967-10-14] The Silent Gun (勝負犬 Shōbu inu) (dir: Yoshio Inoue)



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