Junji Inagawa's Horror of a Shiver
Japanese DVD cover
Distributed by Happinet
Released June 26, 2003
Followed by Junji Inagawa's Horror of Truth

Junji Inagawa's Horror of a Shiver (稲川淳二の戦慄のホラー Inagawa Shunji no senritsu no horaa) is a 2003 Japanese film featuring four horror shorts presented by Junji Inagawa.


  1. Chain Mail (チェーンメール)
  2. Left Behind the Mountain (山の中の忘れ物 Yama no Naka no Wasuremono)
  3. Tattoo
  4. Viewfinder's Memory (ファインダーの記憶 Findaa no Kioku)


US ReleaseEdit

In 2005 Genius Entertainment, a division of Wellspring, released Junji Inagawa's Horror of a Shiver on DVD under the title J Horror Anthology: Underworld. This release included the four segments from the original plus two additional segments taken from Junji Inagawa's Horror of Truth: Guardian Angel (誰かが見ている Dareka ga Miteiru) and Mortuary (霊安室 Reianshitsu).

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