Kōshūbenjo: Watakushi itazurasaremashita
Directed by Hiroyoshi Sejima[1]
Written by Toshihiro Gotō
Hiroshi Sejima
Music by Shin'ichi Saitō
Cinematography Makoto Hayashi
Editing by Nobuko Tomita
Distributed by Xces
Released April 16, 1999
Running time 60 min.
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Kōshūbenjo: Watakushi itazurasaremashita (公衆便所 私いたずらされました) is a 1999 Pink film directed by Hiroyoshi Sejima and starring Miu Morimoto, Yumi Yoshiyuki and Kazuhiro Sano. It was named fifth best Pink film of the year at the Pink Taishō ceremony.[2]


Release historyEdit

Hiroyoshi Sejima filmed Kōshūbenjo: Watakushi itazurasaremashita for Next One, and Xces released it theatrically in Japan on April 16, 1999.[3] Junk released the film in VHS format under the title Chikan seihanzai (痴漢性犯罪).[4] On May 23, 2008 Xces re-released the film under the title Bishiri yūwaku: Kōshū benjo no itazura (美尻誘惑 公衆便所のいたずら).[5]


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