Kaneto Shindō

Director and screenwriter Kaneto Shindō

Kaneto Shindō (新藤兼人 Shindō Kaneto, Hiroshima, April 22, 1912 -)[1] is a Japanese director and screenwriter.


Shindō was born to a farming family in Hiroshima in 1912. He entered the film industry in 1934 as an assistant art director, and soon also began writing scripts. He left Shōchiku studios to establish Kindai Eiga Kyōkai with director Kozaburō Yoshimura, a fellow native of Hiroshima. Shindō often wrote scripts for Yoshimura's films, including Yoshimura's best works. Shindō's films are noted for their fine senses of visual structure and pacing, but sometimes descend into sentimentality.[2]

Partial filmographyEdit





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