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Ken Kaneko
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Ken Kaneko (金子賢 Kaneko Ken) is a Japanese actor and former mixed martial arts fighter. He had little success as a fighter, losing all three matches he fought. The only match he lasted beyond the first round was a 3rd round decision loss to Andy Ologun, younger brother of popular talento Bobby Ologun. In February of 2007 he returned to acting full-time. He is currently represented by Office Jr.

Profile Edit

  • Name: Ken Kaneko (金子賢 Kaneko Ken)
  • Birth date: October 19, 1976
  • Birthplace: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 6' 0" (183cm)


  • 1997 Awards of the Japanese Academy




  • [1993] Strawberry White Book
  • [1996] Shota no Sushi ... Tatsumi
  • [1999] Ice World ... Shogo Sakota
  • [2002] Gokusen ... Tetsu Asakura
  • [2004] Christmas Nante Dai Kirai
  • [2005] Gokusen 2 ... Tetsu Asakura
  • [2007] Haken no Hinkaku ... Tsuchiya
  • [2011] Dinossauros e Robôs ... Tsumine

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