Labyrinth of Dreams
Directed by Sogo Ishii
Produced by Yasuhiro Ito
Kenichi Kamata
Satoshi Kanno
Atsuyuki Shimoda
Kazuo Suzaki
Written by Novel:
Kyuusaku Yumeno
Sogo Ishii
Music by Hiroyuki Onogawa
Cinematography Norimichi Kasamatsu
Editing by Kan Suzuki
Distributed by KSS
Released February 15, 1997
Running time 90 min.
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Labyrinth of Dreams (ユメノ銀河 Yume no ginga) is a 1997 Japanese film based on a Kyuusaku Yumeno novel and directed by Sogo Ishii.


A young bus conductor named Tomiko (Rena Komine) is assigned to a bus driven by a man named Niitaka (Tadanobu Asano). Knowing that all his previous conductors have been killed in traffic accidents, Tomiko is convinced he is a serial killer. In order to prove this she pretends to be in love with him, but her plan is foiled when she actually does fall in love with him.


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