Legend of the Doll
Legend of the doll
Japanese DVD cover
Directed by Toshihiro Goto
Released August 23, 2006
Running time 68 min.
Official website

Legend of the Doll (萌えキュン@MOVIE 聖・美少女フィギュア伝 Moekyun@Movie Sei Bishojo Figure Den) is a 2006 Japanese film directed by Toshihiro Goto.


An action figure aficionado named Ryouta finally completes a rare action figure collection by buying a doll in Akihabara. His joy is short-lived, however, when a group of juvenile delinquents steals it from him on the way home. Totally defeated, Ryouta wanders into a tiny back-alley shop and finds an even rarer model of a girl named Airu for sale. He rushes home to assemble it, and to his astonishment Airu comes to life and instantly falls in love with him.


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