Long Dream
Directed by Higuchinsky
Produced by Kenshi Kinoshita
Choji Miyake
Dai Miyazaki
Written by Manga:
Junji Ito
Kyoichi Nanatsuki
Music by Zuntata
Cinematography Higuchinsky
Editing by Higuchinsky
Released 2000
Running time 58 min.
IMDb profile

Long Dream (長い夢 Nagai yume) is a 2000 Japanese film based on a which aired on a Junji Ito manga. It originally aired on Japanese television.


In a Tokyo hospital Dr. Kuroda and his assistant have a patient in their care whose dreams have been getting longer and longer to the point where they currently last nearly a decade from his own perspective, even though only a single night has passed to the outside world. This is causing strange mental and physical mutations which Kuroda has his own mysterious reasons to study closely.


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