Loose Women
Loose Women
Theatrical poster to Loose Women
Directed by Jirō Matsubara[1]
Produced by Shintarō Kishi
Written by Dan Oniroku
Music by 長島央幸
Cinematography Tomoji Asano
Editing by Fumio Miyata
Distributed by Ōkura Eiga
Released May 1, 1967
Running time 76 min.
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Loose Women (無軌道女性 Mukidō josei) is a 1967 Pink film directed by Jirō Matsubara. Matsubara filmed Loose Women for Yamabe Pro, and Ōkura Eiga released it on May 1, 1967.


A young couple of newlyweds from the countryside come to Tokyo seeking to start their new life together. Instead they encounter gangsters and the wife is raped.[2][3][4]


Critical evaluationEdit

In their Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films, Thomas and Yuko Mihara Weisser judge the film "Grim and depressing cinema." They write that the film is not sure whether it wants to be a Pink film or a yakuza film, shifting unsatisfactorily between the two genres. The most notable aspect of the film is that it gave Pink film star Miki Hayashi her on-screen debut, brief though it is.[3]



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