Japanese poster
Directed by Kitaji Ishikawa
Written by Manga:
Aya Nakahara
Osamu Suzuki
Distributed by Shochiku
Released July 15, 2006
Running time 99 min.
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Love★Com (ラブ★コン), aka Lovely Complex is a 2006 Japanese film based on a Aya Nakahara shojo manga and directed by Kitaji Ishikawa.

Plot SummaryEdit

Tall girl Risa Koizumi falls for short boy Atsushi Otani and although she is initially hesitant to be seen with him fearing it will make her seem even taller, she eventually admits she's in love with him. By this time, however, Otani thinks of her as a friend and subsequently takes weeks deciding how he feels. When a new assistant teacher and basketball coach arrives at the school, the suave Maitake, Risa develops a crush on him - relating his personality to that of the character "Kane" from her favorite romance video game. Otani gets jealous of her admiration for the Maitake, and is forced into a 1-sided rivalry with the man.


Risa Koizumi (小泉リサ Koizumi Risa) Played by: Ema Fujisawa

Risa koizumi

Risa is the main protagonist of the movie. She stands at 170cm in height, a fact that she has been insecure about ever since a shorter boy dumped her for that very reason. She initially finds classmate Atsushi Otani annoying and calls him names such as "shorty", but when they discover they're both fans of rapper "Umibozu", they develop a friendship and begin hanging out with each other much more often. Eventually She admits to herself that she's in love with him regardless of his height. Her friends push her to tell Otani how she feels, but when she finally builds up the courage to blurt it out he blows it off as a joke.

When a new teacher's assistant named Maitake arrives at the school Risa develops a crush on him due to his similarity to the romantic fictional character "Kane" from her favorite video game. She even forms the "Maity Team", a cheerleading squad that specifically cheers Maitake, sweeps the floor wherever he walks, and brings him desserts. She most likely does all of this as a distraction from her unrequited love of Otani, who gets jealous of her drastic shift in attention.

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