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Mai Goto

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Mai Goto

Mai Goto (後藤麻衣 Gotou Mai) is a Japanese actress and gravure idol. As an actress she is best known in the US for playing the role of the abused prostitute "Sailor" in Ichi the Killer. She is also often confused with the seiyu of the same name and kanji spelling.

Profile Edit

  • Name: Mai Goto (後藤麻衣 Gotou Mai)
  • Birth date: October 16, 1977
  • Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Height: 5'5" (164cm)


  • According to Takashi Miike in the commentary track of Ichi the Killer, he didn't get along with Goto at all during filming and admits he probably let the abuse scenes go on a longer than planned because of it.

Filmography Edit


  • [1999] Ginza me ginza kinyuu densetsu (lit. Ginza Shark: Ginza Financial Legend)
  • [2000] Kabaa gaaru shinya bangumi no tenshi tachi
  • [2000] Shin ginza me roppongi kinyuu den (lit. Another Ginza Shark: Roppongi Financial Legend)
  • [2001] Kunoichi ninpouden: Kiwami yamini midareru enjo tachi
  • [2001] Bi aku no hana Vol. 3 uragirimono
  • [2001] Ichi the Killer ... Sailor
  • [2002] Bouryoku shoubai kinyuu ga ookami den (lit. Violent Business: Hungry Wolf Legend)
  • [2002] Bouryoku shoubai kinyuu ga ookami den 2 (lit. Violent Business: Hungry Wolf Legend 2)
  • [2002] The Scoop

Adult DVD ReleasesEdit

  • [10.12.2001] Goto Mai: A Girl
  • [04.26.2002] Last Tango
  • [11.19.2003] Pinkish Impact
  • [01.23.2004] Mai Goto: Deadline
  • [11.25.2004] Yellow Topaz
  • [02.23.2005] Mai Goto: Special Version
  • [05.20.2005] Goto Mai: Erotic!
  • [08.19.2005] Moulin Rouge
  • [09.21.2005] Kingdom
  • [12.22.2005] Celebrity Love
  • [02.24.2006] Mai Goto: Italian Holiday
  • [05.26.2006] Mai Goto: Aman
  • [09.22.2006] Fertilization
  • [02.21.2007] Private Sex

External LinksEdit

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