Makai Tensho: Samurai Reincarnation
US DVD cover
Directed by Kinji Fukasaku
Produced by Haruki Kadokawa
Written by Novel:
Futaro Yamada
Tatsuo Nogami
Kinji Fukasaku
Music by Hozan Yamamoto
Cinematography Kiyoshi Hasegawa
Editing by Isamu Ichida
Distributed by Toei
Released June 6, 1981
Running time 122 min.
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Makai Tensho: Samurai Reincarnation (魔界転生) is a 1981 Japanese film directed by Kinji Fukasaku.


Hundreds of years after a Christian slaughter, their leader is revived by a strange ritual and renounces God. He reincarnates an army of warriors to exact revenge on all of Japan and its leadership, leaving Jubei Yagyu and his father Tajima Yagyu as the last line of defense against complete demonic destruction.


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