US DVD cover
Directed by Takashi Shimizu
Produced by Tatsuhiko Hirata
Kenzo Horikoshi
Atsuko Ono
Written by Chiaki Konaka
Music by Toshiyuki Takine
Cinematography Tsukasa Tanabe
Editing by Masahiro Ugajin
Distributed by Euro Space
Released October 23, 2004 (Japan)
Running time 92 min.
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Marebito (稀人) is a 2004 Japanese horror film based on a Chiaki Konaka novel and directed by Takashi Shimizu.


An obsessive cameraman named Masuoka becomes infatuated with understanding fear. He wanders the streets of Tokyo videotaping people until one day he captures footage of a man on the subway who commits a sudden and grisly suicide. Masuoka can't seem to shake the image of the man's face before he died, and keeps re-watching the tape in an attempt to understand what the man was feeling in that moment. As Masuoka teeters on the edge of sanity he finds a young girl deep in a hidden section of the subway. She can't talk and after a few days he discovers she can only survive by drinking human blood. He keeps her locked up in his apartment and occasionally helps her feed by murdering innocent people. However, by the end of the film it becomes difficult to tell which events are actually happening and which are just in his head.


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