Marika Matsumoto Itoh 2007

Marika Matsumoto, 2007
photo © Itoh Company

Marika matsumoto

Marika Matsumoto on the set of Reincarnation

Marika Matsumoto (松本まりか Matsumoto Marika) is a Japanese actress and seiyu currently represented by Itoh Company. Though only active since 2000, her unique voice and professionalism have gotten her a lot of experience in a short period of time. She is a graduate of Suginami High School.

Profile Edit

  • Name: Marika Matsumoto (松本まりか Matsumoto Marika)
  • Birth date: September 12, 1984
  • Birthplace: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood type: B
  • Favorite food: Fried egg




  • [2000] Rokubanme no Sayoko
  • [2004] Soukyu no Fafner ... Maya Toomi (voice)
  • [2005] Sugar Sugar Rune ... Chocola Meilleure (voice)


  • Coca-Cola (2000)
  • Mini Stop (2001-2003)
  • NHK Salt Lake City Winter Olympics (2002)
  • Sugar Sugar Rune - series DVD (2005)
  • Sugar Sugar Rune - Pick Up Love and Fashion (2005)

Video GamesEdit


  • Final Fantasy X (video game) ... Rikku (voice)
  • Final Fantasy X-2 (video game) ... Rikku (voice)
  • Kingdom Hearts II (video game) ... Rikku (voice)
  • Pick Up Love and Fashion ... Chocola Meilleure (voice)


  • Soukyu no Fafner ... Maya Toomi (voice)

Nintendo DSEdit

  • Sugar Sugar Rune - Queen Shiken wa Dai Panic ... Chocola Meilleure (voice)

Gameboy AdvanceEdit

  • Sugar Sugar Rune ~Heart ga Ippai! Moegi Gakuen~ ... Chocola Meilleure (voice)

External LinksEdit

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