Misaki Ito
photo © Ken-On

Misaki Ito (伊藤美咲 Ito Misaki) is a Japanese actress. She has been one of the faces of Shiseido cosmetics since 2001.

Profile Edit

  • Name: Misaki Ito (伊藤美咲 Ito Misaki)
  • Birth name: Tomoko Anzai (安斉智子 Anzai Tomoko)
  • Birth date: May 26, 1977
  • Birthplace: Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 5' 7" (171cm)
  • Hobbies: Fitting, cooking, Japanese tea ceremony
  • Licenses: Normal automobile, word-processor rank 3 certification, nurse practitioner, kindergarten teacher, certified social welfare officer


  • 2005 Awards of the Japanese Academy
    • Newcomer of the Year for Sea Cat (won)




  • [2000] Love Complex ... Riri
  • [2001] Suiyobi no Joji ... Yukako Hamazaki
  • [2002] Gokusen ... Shizuka Fujiyama
  • [2002] The Queen of Lunchtime Cuisine ... Tomato Shiomi
  • [2003] You're Under Arrest ... Officer Natsumi Tsujimoto
  • [2005] Densha Otoko ... Saori Aoyama / Hermes
  • [2006] Supli ... Minami Fujii
  • [2007] Yama Onna Kabe Onna

Video GamesEdit

  • [2005] James Bond 007 in Everything or Nothing...Miss Nagai

External LinksEdit

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