Miss Hotel Call Girl: Healing Induction
Directed by Tetsuya Takehora[1]
Written by Kiminori Komatsu
Cinematography Yūwa Sō
Editing by Film Craft
Distributed by OP Eiga
Released January 31, 2006
Running time 61 min.

Miss Hotel Call Girl: Healing Induction (ホテトル嬢 癒しの手ほどき Hoterujō iyashi no te hodoki) is a 2006 Pink film directed by Tetsuya Takehora and starring Erina Aoyama. Takehora filmed it for Blue Forest Film, and OP Eiga released it theatrically in Japan on January 31, 2006.[2] It was named Second Best Film of the year at the Pink Taishō ceremony and Aoyama was given both Best Actress and Best New Actress awards.[3]




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