Miss Peach: Peachy Sweetness Huge Breasts
Directed by Yumi Yoshiyuki[1]
Written by Yumi Yoshiyuki
Tadaichi Honda
Music by Kiichi Katō
Cinematography Shōji Shimizu
Editing by Kunihiko Ukai
Distributed by OP Eiga
Released September 23, 2005
Running time 60 min.

Miss Peach: Peachy Sweetness Huge Breasts (ミスピーチ 巨乳は桃の甘み Misu Piichi: Kyonyū wa momo no umami) is a 2005 Pink film directed by Yumi Yoshiyuki and starring Yumika Hayashi and Sakurako Kaoru. Yoshiyuki filmed Miss Peach: Peachy Sweetness Huge Breasts for her own production studio, Office Yoshiyuki, and OP Eiga released it theatrically in Japan on September 23, 2005.[1] It was named fifth best Pink film of the year and Kiichi Katō was given the award for Best Music at the Pink Taishō ceremony.[2] It was named Best Film of the year at the Pinky Ribbon Awards.[3] This was AV idoll Yumika Hayashi's last film appearance, and was released after her June 2005 death.[4]



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