Naked Blood
Naked blood dvd
US DVD cover
Directed by Hisayasu Sato
Produced by Hirohiko Sato
Written by Taketoshi Watari
Music by Kimitake Hiraoka
Cinematography Akiko Ashizawa
Released February 20, 1996
Running time 76 min.
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Naked Blood (女虐/NAKED BLOOD literally: Girl Masochist/Naked Blood) is a 1996 Japanese V-Cinema release directed by Hisayasu Sato.


A young scientist named Eiji Kure (Sadao Abe) creates a drug that turns pain into pleasure, an effect he sees as the perfect pain-killer. He calls the drug Myson (or "My Son") to honor his dead father.

Eiji's mother (Masumi Nakao), also a scientist, has been conducting experiments on three young women. One day Eiji decides to test his Myson drug on his mother's test subjects. He then follows the three women to see how they react. Once the women realize that the more pain they inflict on themselves the more pleasure they feel they begin to inflict injuries on themselves on purpose, eventually escalating into a series of brutal acts of masochism.


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