New Abashiri Prison: Inviting the Storm to Shiretoko Key
Directed by Yasuo Furuhata[1]
Written by Akira Murao
(Based on story by Hajime Itō)
Music by Masao Yagi
Cinematography 星島一郎
Editing by Osamu Tanaka
Distributed by Toei
Released August 13, 1971
Preceded by New Abashiri Prison: Lone Wolf Lost in Blizzard
Followed by New Abashiri Prison: Great Escape in a Blizzard
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New Abashiri Prison: Inviting the Storm to Shiretoko Key (新網走番外地 嵐を呼ぶ知床岬 Shin Abashiri Bangaichi: Arashi o Yobu Shiretoko-misaki) is a 1971 Yakuza film directed by Yasuo Furuhata. It is the sixteenth film in the Abashiri Prison series and the sixth in the "New Abashiri Prison" series.




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