New Bride Attack
Directed by Giichi Nishihara
Written by Giichi Nishihara
Cinematography Giichi Nishihara
Distributed by Shintōhō
Released July 1977
or September 12, 1977[1]
Running time 61 min.
JMDb profile

New Bride Attack (新妻を襲う Niizuma o osou) is a 1977 film written, directed and with cinematography by Giichi Nishihara. The star of the film, Etsuko Hara, was a major Pink film actresses of the era.[2] The film's poster states, "An amoral man rapes and terrorizes a new bride. What is the price of virginity?"[2]


Release historyEdit

According to the film's poster, Giichi Nishihara filmed New Bride Attack for his own production studio, Aoi Eiga.[4] Both the Japanese Cinema Database and the Japanese Movie Database report that Shintōhō released it theatrically in July 1977,[5][3] however another website gives the film's debut as September 12, 1977 in the Ginza underground.[1]



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