Nightmare Detective 2
Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto
Produced by Shinya Tsukamoto
Shin’ichi Kawahara
Yumiko Takebe
Takeshi Koide
Written by Hisakatsu Kuroki
Shinya Tsukamoto
Cinematography Shinya Tsukamoto
Editing by Shinya Tsukamoto
Distributed by Movie Eye Entertainment
Preceded by Nightmare Detective
Followed by Nightmare Detective 3
Official website
IMDb profile

Nightmare Detective 2 (悪夢探偵2 Akumu Tantei 2) is a 2008 Japanese movie directed by Shinya Tsukamoto. It is the second part of a planned trilogy.

Plot SummaryEdit

Kyoichi uses his ability to enter people's dreams to help a high school girl whose nightmares are affecting her life.


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