Nin x Nin: Ninja Hattori-kun The Movie
Japanese DVD cover
Directed by Masayuki Suzuki
Produced by Ryoichi Fukuyama
Toru Miyazawa
Madoka Takiyama
Ko Wada
Kazutoshi Wadakura
Written by F. Fujio Fujiko
Music by Takayuki Hattori
Cinematography Hiroshi Takase
Editing by Takuya Taguchi
Distributed by Toho
Released August 28, 2004
Running time 102 min.
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Nin x Nin: Ninja Hattori-kun The Movie (NINxNIN 忍者ハットリくん THE MOVIE) is a 2004 Japanese film directed by Masayuki Suzuki. The character of Ninja Hattori-kun was featured in a children's cartoon from 1981-1987 in Japan.



The story focuses on Hattori who wants to be be a ninja. His father gives him the final test by sending him to Tokyo where he will have to live with Kenichi, his new master. While adjusting to his new environment, Hattori has to take care that he is not seen by any other person, and must face his arch enemy Amara, who wants to find out who is killing the Koga ninjas.

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