Nobuko Kawashima (川島のぶ子 Kawashima Nobuko, 1936 -)[1] was the editor of Seijin Eiga from 1965-1973. Seijin Eiga was the major periodical covering the Pink film or eroduction genre during the early years of its existence.[2] In the early 1980s she published three books, two collections from 週刊大衆 dealing with actresses, and one on the new Adult Video field.

List of WorksEdit

  • [1965-1973] Seijin Eiga[2]
  • [1983-06] 川島のぶ子のビデオフォ-カス : アダルトビデオ傑作集; (207p., 秀英書房)[1]
  • [1983-07] エキサイティング女優-脱いでよかった! : 「激撮」これは"演技"か"真実"か!! (256p., 双葉社)[3]
  • [1985-12] 女優-裸の履歴書 : ドキュメント 演技をこえて燃え上がるオンナの愛と哀しみ! (302p., 双葉社)[4]


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